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Levitra (vardenafil) is a prescription drug used to treat male impotence. Male impotence, or erectile dysfunction, is a disorder when the client is unable to attain hard erections and can not finish intercourse. Levitra is not planned for females and should not be taken by them. This medicine is FDA pregnancy group B. In clinical studies Levitra showed to be safe for the health and wellness of a coming baby yet it is not exactly understood whether it could enter breast milk and have an effect on the health and wellness of a nursing baby. It's therefore not recommended to take this medication if you are expectant, breastfeeding, or are obtaining expecting in the nearby future. Before you have any sort of surgical procedure see to it you tell the specialist that you are taking Levitra or have taken it just recently. This might have an effect on the medicines you will be given throughout the function and will provide for your maximum performance.

Flushing, flu-like symptoms, heartburn, frustration, stale or dripping nose, and an upset belly are the most generally mentioned adverse effects of Levitra that will certainly quickly disappear. When you take this medicine for the first time and do not really need to be stated to your health and wellness treatment supplier, they could be experienced. If they become bothersome or conflict with your daily life, you can report these signs just. Among the most uncommon and serious adverse effects of Levitra is sudden reduction of hearing sometimes accompanied by lightheadedness and ringing in the ears. , if you experience any kind of signs of this side result you have to state it immediately to your wellness treatment service provider.


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